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With this powerful tool for SketchUp it becomes possible to print large objects with small 3d printers. 

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How does it work

The idea is simple and effective. By first dividing a form in smaller parts, it is possible to print large objects with a small printer. It is that simple!

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About elsenco

Elsenco is a collaboration between legal advisor Rolf Sieben and Els Wiering. We create solutions to take 3d printing to the next level. 

About us


Contact us if you are interested in working with the extension or working with us. 




Let your imagination work for you. Because there is no need to be limited by the size of your 3d printer anymore.

With this concept of working large objects can be printed with only a small printer. Split4print divides any form you desire into smaller parts, automatically adds the connections you need to assemble it when printed, by adding dovetail joints at each side that needs to be connected. Need some inspiration of the possibilities? Check the pictures below.

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